8 Security Features Drupal Boasts
7 Aug 2018

8 Security Features Drupal Boasts Over Other CMS Options

If you’re a medium to large sized business and you are looking to build an online site, but you have some reservations because you’re not sure which CMS option is the most secure CMSoption on the market, you may want to consider Drupal.

drupal security

Here are 8 security features Drupal offers, which some say have made Drupal acclaimed as the most secure CMS on the market:

1. Several Drupal Security Modules Available

Drupal offers a number of security module extensions to help secure your site from brute force attacks. Some examples of the available security modules include Login Security,ACL, and Content Access.

2. Dedicated Team Of Volunteers To Support Security

Drupal has a vast community of volunteers who use Drupal regularly and provide support to others encountering issues. This team of volunteers continue to work at keeping security vulnerabilities at bay.

3. Drupal Security Advisories

Once Drupal releases security update they also broadcast public security advisories which are disseminated across several communication channels, such as social media, newsletters, and RSS feeds.

4. Password Encryption

Every password that is ever saved using Drupal is encrypted, preventing brute force attacks.

5. Drupal Advisory Policy

Modules contributed by the community are covered by the Drupal advisory policy to ensure that they meet standards set out by Drupal’s security team.

6. Built-In Security Reporting

In keeping the Drupal platform up-to-date, along with plug-ins and add-ons, Drupal provides notifications on any updates you may need to make in the presence of any vulnerabilities.

7. Meets Owasp Security Standards

The Open Web Application Security Project screens software such as Drupal to ensure software is able to effectively ward off future security risks they may face. Drupal meets all ofOWASP’s security standards, making it acclaimed for being the most secure CMS available.

8. Drupal Has A Security Team

Drupal has an impressive team of 40 security experts situated around the world, who are dedicated to analyzing and identifying potential security vulnerabilities.

Knowing all of the security features Drupal contains, it’s no wonder that some people feel Drupal is acclaimed for being the most secure CMS out there.