How To Migrate From Drupal 7.0 & 8.0 to 9.0
5 Oct 2020

Why Should You Be Excited With Drupal 9 Launch?

As per the update of last year, the end of Drupal 7 was expected in November 2021. Since 2021 is a year away we came up with a new version of Drupal with added benefits and great user experience as well.

Drupal 9 launches brilliant features which would force you to upgrade your version. Let’s brief you about Drupal 9 so that it’s easier for you to decide between switching on this upgrade.

Drupal 9 is an enhanced version of Drupal 8. It is offering a platform where all the third-party dependencies have been upgraded and deprecated code is removed. It has similar features like Drupal 8.9, also without breaking backward compatibility of public APIs. After every 6 months of Drupal, 9 new backward-compatible features would be added from time to time.

How To Migrate From Drupal 7.0 & 8.0 to 9.0?

  1. To migrate content and data from Drupal 7, the migrate module suite is used for the migration of data. This tool is basically used to make sure that content is transferred in the right place.

  2. To make it compatible with Drupal 8 or 9, reference modules like Drupal 7 version of the upgrade status module are used.

  3. A module that is a command-line script, i.e. Drupal module Upgrader helps to search for compatible codes for Drupal 8 or 9. To convert any code in Drupal 7 can be the script attempt is initiated. Deprecated APIs cannot be used for Drupal Module Upgrader.

You may expect the release of Drupal 10 by 2022, once Drupal 9’s life is ended.

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Drupal 9 not only provides Backward Compatible Function and Headless CMS but also a faster and better performance platform. You can enjoy features of Drupal 8/9 like Content Workflow, Multilingual capabilities, Structured Content, and Bigpipe( increasing page view performance).

In Drupal 9 one of the most significant changes in the removal of Depreciation. Replacement is the best alternative in code depreciation. It is recommended to start Drupal 9 as soon as you can to leverage its benefits and enjoy an amazing web development platform. Drupal 8 only offers critical patches and security whereas Drupal 9 has come up with advanced features along with Drupal 8 benefits.

No doubt, Drupal 9 launches is going to bring a lot of changes with its launch to the working of CMS. But, migrating is always a tedious task. Hence, services like Drupal Web Development offer reliable and easy migration to the Drupal owners. You can migrate your Drupal site from v 7 or 8 to version 9 within days. And, the best part is that no data is lost while migrating. Get in touch with us if you want your site migration now!