Benefits of Drupal 9
8 Jan 2021

The Top 7 Benefits of Migrating Your Media Site to Drupal 9

From entertainment to publishing, media websites have specific content requirements that are unique from other businesses; their sites need to be able to handle large volumes of content, while being responsive enough to run well on any device.

Drupal is one of the most widely used open-source content management frameworks – and with good reason. Drupal 9 offers users and developers unmatched flexibility, with access to a huge library of free plugins and modules, allowing for the creation of highly functional, feature-rich, custom-built websites.

So whether you are running your website on Drupal 7 or another CMS software, there are a number of reasons you should be migrating your media site to Drupal 9. Here are the top 7:

Easy Content Management

The singular purpose of a media website is to share information with as wide an audience as possible. In addition to text and photos, the public’s desire for more engaging content, including resource heavy media such as audio and video, are increasing the need for CMS software that can meet the demand.

Drupal 9 makes it easy to manage, publish, or remove posts. It is robust enough to handle content-rich websites, while providing a simple to use mobile-friendly admin interface.

Personalized User Experience

Give your users what they want and they will keep coming back for more. Drupal 9 allows for a tailored experience by providing personalized landing pages with custom content based on the users’ previously explored content and posts.

While built-in features keep track of browsing patterns and user habits, multi-lingual tools make it simple to translate content, helping to deliver the best possible user experience to a wide and diverse audience.

Mobile Responsive

To reach the largest audience possible, you need to be accessible to your users anytime, anywhere, with mobile-friendly websites. Users will not tolerate websites that are difficult to navigate, require zooming in and out, or are otherwise poorly performing on mobile devices. Drupal 9 makes it simple to create websites that easily adapt to screens of all sizes, with ready-to-use, powerful, built-in responsive core modules and themes.

Simple Social Media Integration

Social media is one of the most powerful advertising tools available to media companies from all disciplines – when you are in the business of sharing information, your information should be readily accessible.

Drupal 9 makes it simple to post social media links on your website, share content, and increase your social media profile.

Straightforward Analytic Tools

One of the keys to a successful media website is to understand what your audience wants. Drupal 9 has straightforward marketing and analytic modules that can track everything from the number of unique visitors to what they are doing on your page and how long they are staying.

However, these tools not only help you to find out what pages are winning views, and which may need to be reworked. Available analytic modules can also help you manage your SEO and optimize your content.

Options for Quick Monetization

Even a free website has overhead and operating costs. Drupal 9 makes it quick and easy to monetize your website, with the ability to include user specific promotions, third-party advertisements, and simple payment options for those looking for premium services or subscriptions.

High Level of Security

The importance of security should never be overlooked. Any website that handles users’ information, particularly financial information, has an obligation to safeguard that information and protect it from cyber-attacks or threats.

Thankfully, Drupal 9 has advanced, enterprise-ready security modules that are constantly updated to ensure user protection, giving both businesses and consumers peace of mind.

Drupal has distinguished itself among CMS software, and if your website is not currently making use of its powerful tools, it may be time to migrate to Drupal 9.