31 Jul 2015

4 Useful Drupal Marketing Automation Modules

In today’s hectic business world, meeting the needs of every customer can seem overwhelming and at times can seem like an unachievable goal. Imagine the ability to automatically execute marketing tasks which encompass multiple marketing channels such as e-mail, social media, text messages etc.

Drupal Marketing Automation Modules

Traditionally, marketing tasks needed to be completed manually, which relied heavily on staff resources to run marketing campaigns. Luckily, marketing automation exists and it is one of the most powerful marketing tools available on the market today. Drupal offers marketing automation modules, which helps with lead flow and improves marketing efficiency.

Here are 4 useful Drupal marketing automation modules to consider:


As one of the fastest-growing marketing automation companies in the market, the Marketo module comes equipped with a ton of features, such as Web activity tracking, social media integration, e-mail deliverability tools, campaign analytics, lead scoring and nurturing, real-time sales alerts and database management tools. Based on cost, this module is best suited for midsize to enterprise size businesses.


This module offers four different software packages to accommodate all sizes of businesses. Eloqua provides multichannel marketing management tools for a variety of marketing campaigns, such as e-mail, print and phone campaigns. Some of the features not found with the Marketo module include MS Outlook integration, multichannel campaigns, Microsoft CRM integration and Oracle CRM integration.


A business-to-business marketing automation platform that enables businesses to manage their marketing campaigns, boosts sales and analyze their marketing performance. Some of the main features of the software include lead management, lead analysis and scoring, Web analytics and marketing campaign management.

4.Silverpop Engage

This particular module is highly scalable and well-suited for larger businesses. An on demand marketing platform for e-mail marketing and marketing automation, Silverpop offers a number of features such as integrated surveys, Netsuite CRM integration, automated segmentation, custom forms and landing pages, etc.