26 May 2017

4 Big Advantages to Website Owners Using PayPal Express Checkout

When it comes to boosting conversions and sales on websites, website owners should ensure they make their payment process easy for online shoppers.

While there are a number of available payment options out there to choose from, one particular payment solution which is widely used by many businesses on their websites is PayPal. As one of the first payment solution options on the market, PayPal is easy to use, offers syncing ability with eBay, and provides mobile swiping capabilities.

PayPal Express

While PayPal Standard works well to provide a quick and simple way for customers to pay for purchases on websites, PayPal Express Checkout provides additional benefits beyond the standard version. Here are 4 big advantages of using PayPal Express Checkout:

1. Checkout Without A Paypal Account

Using PayPal express checkout enables shoppers the ability to pay for their goods using their credit card, without having to log into a PayPal account. Essentially the PayPal Express Checkout sets the “guest checkout experience” as the prominent payment option, disregarding any cookie caching on any users browser.

2. Customers Are Redirected Back To Business Owners’ Websites

Different from PayPal standard, with PayPal Express Checkout it always redirects shoppers back to the original business website. This is a great advantage to business owners, as they have peace of mind knowing their buyers are not left resting on PayPal’s site instead of their own. Having shoppers return to the original business site enables business owners to provide a thank you to shoppers.

3. Better Branding Capabilities

Providing consistent branding across all forms of marketing is critical for building brand recognition and building consumer trust. Website owners using PayPal Express Checkout are able to take advantage of additional branding options, which enhance brand consistency and exude professionalism, such as the company name, custom logo and customer service contact number.

4. Parallel Payments

A great way to enhance the user experience and achieve greater success through fulfillment is by using PayPal express checkout so that online buyers can make parallel payments. With parallel payments, shoppers are able to provide one single payment for items provided by multiple merchants.

Enhancing the checkout process by including PayPal Express Checkout on websites enhances the user experience and increases both conversions and sales for website owners.