New to Drupal 8? Or, looking to perfect your skills? The Drupal 8 training programme has you covered.

In this training programme, you will learn everything needed to know "How to build and maintain your own Drupal website?" From simple blogs to more intricate database applications, this 5-day training programme will improve your skills greatly. From live webinar sessions with an instructor and online video lessons to real-world assignments and practice, you will build a complete Drupal site during the training programme.

Who Is this Training Programme Suitable for?

  • Web designers and developers who're looking to use Drupal with their clients.
  • A person who wants to build a Drupal website for his/her company or business.
  • Website administrators who are assigned the task of Drupal website maintenance and improvement. This training programme will provide you with a hands-on experience replete with exercises that your instructor will help you with. Our proficiency in Drupal 8 is unmatched.

What All is Covered in Our 5-Day Training Programme?


Day 1 Getting Started

We make you realize the technical discovery process for a Drupal 8 project. You will also learn to explore new features and learn how to manage the installation of the newest Drupal with composer.


Day 2 Building of the Site

Follow a systematic approach to learn how to build the site with content management system. This not only consists of creating, but managing content types, views, users, blocks, and so on.


Day 3 Building Up Custom Modules

Learn how to build up custom modules, the Block Plugin API, and headless implementation using Drupal API.


Day 4 Managing Configuration

Get a run-through of CMI, multilingual setup, etc. Make sure you explore Twig, receptive theming, and setting the current theme to Drupal 8.


Day 5 Migration & Mock Project

Learn the implementation of a Drupal 8 website with custom module/theme development, and migration from earlier versions of Drupal and other CMS.

Drupal 8 is truly a remarkable release that comes loaded with a plethora of unique features for end users, site builders, and developers. This training programme allows developers to work with modules in Drupal 8 and to build as well as deploy PHP application with ease. It is customized for site admins and developers with experience in Drupal, Symfony, and PHP.

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