Drupal Module Development

A Drupal module is a set of programs used achieve great functionalities. Drupal will not work to your advantage, if it lacks much-needed modules. By default, Drupal comes equipped with robust modules that have diverse functions for running a basic website. The core of the module can use every function, aside from accessing variables and structures of Drupal core. Any extra functionality can be achieved through custom modules or contributed modules of Drupal.

Contributed modules are the ones that are available in the Drupal community. In fact, there are over 40,000 modules which are available for Drupal 7 and 8. Our experienced developers have hands on experience in developing custom module and perform the following.

  • Building Custom Modules
  • Effectively Contributing Module on Drupal.org
  • Modifying Contributed Module that Meets the Given Requirement

The experienced Drupal developers build bespoke and highly effective Drupal modules, which not only will work best on your site, but deliver excellent performance.

Our developers have a much-needed knowledge of the contributed modules and can opt for the best module set for building a great website for you.


Drupal Custom Module Development

A custom module is a Drupal module that's built specifically for a website in particular. Maybe you website needs a unique functionality. Since there is no contributed module available to match your needs, we can achieve the same by building a custom module for you.

Our dedicated developers work meticulously, so that they can contribute to the Drupal community at regular intervals. In fact, they have contributed several modules for Drupal 7 as well as Drupal 8; thus, they have the required knowledge and expertise in building custom modules for Drupal 7 and 8. When building these module, we ensure that we rigorously follow Drupal's coding standards. In reality, our custom modules not only are highly standardized, but match the standards of the contributed modules in the Drupal community.

Why Choose Us for Building a Custom Module?

Here are some of the major reasons why can build custom modules laden with unique features.

  • We have hands on experience in developing Custom Modules
  • We stringently follow coding standards of Drupal
  • We have great knowledge as well as experience in Drupal API and hooks
  • We contribute to the Drupal community greatly
  • We have contributed a lot of modules
  • We provide outstanding support - during the development process and after we're done with it
  • We offer flawless communication
  • We have proven methods and processes to develop feature-rich Custom Modules

Our Drupal experts will analyze your requirements, so that they can build an effective custom module for you.

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