Advantages Of Drupal 8
21 Jul 2019

Top 5 Advantages Of Drupal 8

For the past several years, Drupal has become one of the most powerful open source CMS and the best choice for thousands of large web projects. It offers up-to-date digital solutions and is backed by active community members and teams of experienced developers all over the globe.

Launched with powerful features, such as greater flexibility, scalability, and increased page load speed, Drupal 8 comes with 200+ new improvements and great features to meet your business goals. Whether you run an institutional website or e-commerce, a closer look at the top 5 advantages of Drupal 8 is worth your precious time.

1. Powerful Core:

Unlike Drupal 7 and its contributed modules, Drupal 8 powers a lot of “in core” functionalities that are readily available off the shelf in Drupal 8 core. For the first time, you can find a CMS with almost 59 in core modules. CKEditor, Entity API, JQuery Update and internationalization are a few important modules in Drupal 8. As a CMS with upgraded modules and functionalities, there are around 36 modules in Drupal 8 that have been under the renamed/obsolete categories.

2. Mobile Friendly:

Drupal 8 is completely intended for every internet-enabled device, whether it is desktop PCs or a long list of smartphones. It includes a new, fully mobile managing toolbar with responsive themes. This makes it very helpful for editors to create and edit content quickly and easily make changes from any mobile device and build APIs that can be used for mobile apps.

3. Multilingual Options:

Businesses with a global target audience can profit from Drupal 8 multilingual capacities. The translation systems of Drupal 8 have been completely rewritten and are fully integrated into the CMS, making it easy to install it in one of 100 languages right out of the box. The authoring tools support any language, and the Drupal 8 backend can also have language customization. Third-party translation services can also be integrated into the workflow.

4. Authoring for Dummies:

If you are in charge of creating or editing content, you can sigh with relief, as editing is easier than ever before. Drupal 8 supports CKEditor, and It offers the creative capacity to change the style of the web content efficiently. It proves that when authors can see how their content looks when it’s on the page, it becomes easier to create appealing formats and evade problems when they hit publish.

5. Top Performance:

The latest version of Drupal incorporates 200+ stunning features, and it is the most adaptable version created to offer customer-oriented features to website visitors.

Not only that, but it also now has efficient page caching with a new cache system, called Symphony, and as part of the overall transition now Drupal 8, with Symphony framework, caches all entities and only loads JavaScript when needed. So, rather than loading the same content over and over again, it can be loaded from your cache instead. Yep, get ready to enjoy the speed of a rewarding browsing experience.

Migrating to Drupal 8 can be time taking and complicated if you don’t have the experience, or you are not familiar and up to date on every new technical hack or the latest digital updates. Our recommendation is to definitely leave it to the experts and start saving time and money by letting your team of experts help you migrate your business website to Drupal 8 and upgrade your online performance with a custom marketing strategy.

Drupal Web Development takes pride in more than ten years of experience and success stories. Please feel free to contact us to learn how we can help your business thrive online.