Top 3 reasons to choose Drupal 9
16 Aug 2020

Top 3 reasons to choose Drupal 9

Drupal is a reliable content management system (CMS) that helps to build a business website. The users operating Drupal 7/8 should update it to 9 as Drupal would not be entertaining support for older versions. Drupal versions 7.0 and 8.0 reflect insecure systems in third party scans and last but not least many good service providers will not be providing support Drupal 7 version. To enjoy a great hosting solution, upgrade your business website Drupal 9 soon.

Many websites have not been upgraded from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8, so it’s better to upgrade directly to Drupal 9. It would help you to save a lot of money, time, and effort. Drupal 9 has many benefits with added opportunities that help to be updated in web development trends.

Why Should You Choose Drupal 9?

  1. Enhanced Performance-Nowadays more than 60% of traffic is received by mobile devices therefore it is required to build responsive websites that can be operated on all devices easily. It promises a great user experience by responding to image support. It displays optimized images that consume fewer data. You can create websites that are high performance in nature. To ensure wider reach it has a provision of offering multilingual functions.
  2. Backward Compatible- Drupal 9 is compatible with its predecessor Drupal 8. Modules created on Drupal 8 along with data and configuration can be used by Drupal 9. You can expect enhanced performance and an updated version of the program as there is no historical baggage while migrating from Drupal 7/8 to Drupal 9. Drupal 9 offers a clutter-free, fast, and future-ready website development platform.

  3. Headless CMS- To offer good customer service, providers require engaging content and great CMS. Though there are numerous CMS in each industry still most of the service providers are unable to deliver excellent customer experience. This is because some are not able to deliver good amounts of commerce solutions. As to offer excellent service you require a complete tool as a service provider.

To resolve this issue Drupal 9 and Magento are the 2 most popular solutions. Drupal 9 acts as a powerful tool to develop the front end of the websites and has an API- First approach. Drupal 9 is inherited with great features like Create once published anywhere, API- First Approach, Front end freedom, and easier resourcing.

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