Six Popular CRM
15 Nov 2018

Six Popular CRM Platforms to use with Drupal Websites

Customer relationship management (CRM) platforms help businesses store customer contact information, account details, sales opportunities and other related information in one location. When used correctly, CRM platforms integrated with Drupal websites can manage business connections and make sales happen more easily.

Have you ever had a customer who only wants to be contacted by phone; or what about one who will only respond to email? Having that information accessible in a CRM system can help you keep those preferences straight and communicate in a manner with which your customer is most comfortable. Not only that, but with a CRM system, you are also able to see any customer’s full sales history with the click of a button. With easy access to information, you can increase productivity and find more opportunities for collaboration.

Drupal is a powerful and more complex CMS than other options on the market. If you have been using Drupal web development, there are six popular CRM platforms for integration with Drupal websites that you may want to consider.

Zoho CRM

This cloud-based CRM solution is perfect for small and medium-sized businesses, featuring a wide range of tools. Sales and marketing automation, customer support, customer analytics, and product configuration are all valuable features in Zoho CRM. Mobile platforms are increasingly important, and Zoho CRM gives access to sales and customer information on a variety of mobile devices.


HubSpot CRM is a certified Google partner and an open source CRM platform that eliminates manual work and keeps all your contacts in one centralized database that logs every interaction.


RedHen is a functional, self-contained CRM that offers CMS tools, contact management, and customization. It features engagement tracking, customizable donation forms, and event registration integration. RedHen won’t give you a functioning CRM immediately, but it is a Drupal-native CRM, so they will function together with ease.


One of the most popular cloud based CRM platforms, Salesforce is an excellent Drupal integrated solution for your website. It has a wide range of capabilities, including sales management, marketing automation, partners relationship management, and customer service that allows users to synchronize contacts, calendars, emails, and tasks.


Pipedrive CRM is a straightforward and fast platform that is known as one of the best performing CRM and sales management systems available. It integrates well with Drupal and provides full mobile optimization.

Active Campaign

The last CRM platform to consider for integration with Drupal websites is Active Campaign. Its tools are specifically designed for small and medium-sized businesses and it provides a good set of email and messaging features, along with built-in CRM and sales automation functionalities.

If you are ready to easily access important customer information, consider utilizing CRM platforms for integration with Drupal websites to make your job a little easier.