19 Dec 2017

4 Convincing Reasons You Want Your Next Website to Be Built Using Drupal

Modern businesses nowadays must have a professional website that is capable of supporting their present and future online business needs, in order to keep ahead of today’s competition.

If you’re in the market for a new e-commerce software solution, you may want to consider using Drupal for your next website. Here are 4 convincing reasons why it might be the right choice for your next project:

1. Drupal is Free

A welcome surprise for online business owners is that Drupal is available at zero cost (and with no hidden fees).It is an open source content management system, with many available extensions for enabling additionalfunctionalities.

2. It’s SEO Friendly

Drupal enables users to customize their page URL’s for SEO and can also provide users the ability to automatically generate search engine friendly URL’s within posts, blogs, etc.As content is displayed in the way that popular search engines prefer, Drupal websites have a better chance of moving up the search rankings.

3. Multiple User Management Capability

Perfect for websites which require multiple user management capability, Drupal has no limits to user roles or access levels, enabling the ability to customize tasks for certain users and their roles.

4. Large Quantity of Ready to Use Professional Themes

For companies looking to launch a website quickly, but who do not want to forfeit a professional looking website, Drupal offers a variety of ready to use professional themes for users to choose from. The ability to customize size of font and color scheme is also an added feature with Drupal’s themes.

As an out of box website software solution, Drupal stands tall amongst other CMS platforms out there, such as Joomla or WordPress. Drupal is a powerful e-Commerce software platform, equipped with sophisticated features, ranging from SEO to multi-user management. Whether you’re looking to build a simple website with only a few pages or a large and complex one that would include thousands of pages and products, Drupal is more than capable of supporting them.

If you’re interested in trying Drupal to see if it is a suitable solution for your next project, simply download the open source software and begin exploring it.