Drupal 7 to Drupal 8
9 Jan 2019

4 Compelling Reasons Why a Drupal 8 Upgrade is the Best Business Decision Yet

Drupal 7 continues to be a popular choice among businesses who require a robust open sourced software solution for their websites. As far as web platforms go, Drupal 7 offers extensive features and functionalities that businesses of all scales and industries find beneficial for their web needs.

Drupal introduced their Drupal 8 version a couple of years ago, and it has become the standard for new Drupal projects. For older version users, a Drupal 8 upgrade may be the best business decision yet, given the advantages Drupal 8 brings to the table. Here are 3 compelling reasons why the Drupal 8 upgrade is something to consider:

1. It Uses Mobile First Design

With so many consumers nowadays using their mobile devices in order to look up information or complete purchases online, it’s critical for businesses to transition their website to a mobile first design. Fortunately, the upgrade to Drupal 8 comes equipped as mobile responsive straight out of the box. In addition, the upgraded version comes with a mobile friendly toolbar enabling admin personnel to make necessary website modifications via their own smartphones and other mobile devices.

2. It Introduces Twig

A welcome feature for many web designers, Twig enables designers to modify markup without having to have the knowledge and skills of a PHP expert and it offers greater security than the PHP template-based theme that comes equipped with Drupal 7.

3. Greater Extensibility

The Drupal 8 upgrade brings with it added extensibility for designers to be able to further integrate the platform with other third-party software elements. The vast extensibility of Drupal 8 allows designers the flexibility and limitless possibilities needed to produce a robust and professional website.

4. Enhanced Ease Of Use

This enhancement alone could be one of the factors as to why the Drupal 8 upgrade may be considered the best business decision. Drupal 8 now comes with a WYSIWYG editor which was specifically designed for Drupal only and permits admins the ability to make real-time edits. Another added bonus to moving forward with upgrading to Drupal 8 is the fact that it now features the Material Design Admin Theme, which enables Drupal users to manage site content in a way that resembles working with Google products.

If you’re on the fence as to whether to transition to the Drupal 8 upgrade, consider the benefits of doing so while taking into consideration your current and future online business needs.