14 Feb 2017

3 Tips to Reach Your Target Audience on Social Media, So You Can Get More Leads

Producing good quality content for your social media channels takes up a considerable amount of time and effort to do, and if you are outsourcing this online marketing task, it can be costly as well, so why direct all of these resources to gamble on the chance that a few will be interested in what you are posting?

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In order to get more value from your social media advertising efforts, you need to be able to reach your target audience, so that your content is being directed to those who are truly interested in what you are presenting/offering.

Here are 3 tips to reach your target audience on social media, so that you can begin to generate more qualified leads:

1. Use Facebook Filters

When generating new posts via Facebook, make a point to utilize their filters, which enable you to filter online users by age, demographics, interests, relationship status and gender. By using the Facebook filters, you’re able to direct your posts to relevant audiences, which in turn raises the chances of online viewers purchasing your products and sharing your posts with others.

2. Create An Online Group

The very fabric of social media is a digital community where those who have common interests can gather and converse. By creating an online group (open, or closed) you are able to obtain information about what people like or dislike about your business brand, understand their wants/needs, etc., all by way of generating online discussion between you and those within the group.

3. Schedule Multiple Postings Throughout The Day

The beauty of social media is that it can reach audiences around the world. In order to make sure that you are getting your content in front of all of your interested viewers, you need to schedule your postings more than once per day; in fact a number of times throughout the day would be beneficial, so that your content is received by followers who live in different time zones.

The benefits of using these 3 tips to reach your target audience on social media may not be evident immediately, but you will certainly see positive results down the road, as your followers increase and become more familiar with your brand.